Golf Video Analysis & Technology

The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood has invested thousands of dollars on technology for one simple reason­--so that we can accurately evaluate your golf game.

Before we make any suggestions for improving your golf game we want to know that we are basing our instruction on clear irrefutable facts, not opinion.

Tahoe Mountain Golf Academy TechnologyImpact happens in the blink of an eye. So if we want to improve your ball flight then it’s critical that we correctly analyze impact alignments. Computerized video analysis and launch monitor technology, allows us to “see” what is really happening at this crucial part of the swing.

Technology is a powerful teaching tool, especially in the hands of an experienced and talented golf teacher. No gimmicks, no band-aid fixes - just pure science and knowledge give you a solid foundation for rapid improvement.

  • FlightScope

    • Launch Monitor Analysis

      Flight Scope, the world’s first ever 3D Doppler Radar launch monitor, tracks the ball’s entire trajectory and instantly displays 15 ball data parameters for analysis like launch angle, ball speed and spin rate. This makes the Flight Scope the perfect tool to fit you for a new driver, chart your club yardages or to perform a full game evaluation. The Flight Scope 3D launch monitor is not just about ball tracking however, it also measures or calculates 10 club parameters like clubhead path, angle of attack and face angle at impact – helping you improve your swing.

      We have created the following Flight Scope packages:

      Driver Swing and Club Assessment

      60 minutes: $125

      Long Game or Wedge "Gap Fitting"

      45 minutes: $100

      Charting Yardages

      60 minutes: $125

      Flight Scope Combine

      90 minutes: $200, Package of 3: $500
      The Combine consists of a series of 28 targets, ranging from 20-yard chip shots to full drives, totaling 69 shots. The target distances are scrambled during the Combine test, which creates what’s called “random” practice – practice that imitates the demands of real play. The Flight Scope Combine allows us to examine your skills on the practice range, in an environment that feels like a round of golf.

  • 4-Camera Video Swing Analysis

    • The Golf Academy building also houses our swing analysis studio, complete with the most technologically-advanced computerized golf video system available. Our video capture bay allows you to hit balls from indoors to out, so that we can link golf swing characteristics directly to ball flight results.


      Once your swing is captured on our 4 camera system, both you and your Academy golf instructor can evaluate your golf swing using visual enhancements such as lines, circles and angles. Our split screen capability enables us to look at your golf swing from two different camera angles simultaneously.


      Left handed? Not to worry. Any of our model swings or drills can be flipped from right handed to left handed, at a touch of a button. Just imagine comparing your golf swing to a left handed Tiger Woods, Michele Wie or any of the other Tour Pros we have on file.


      And, following your session, we’ll store your golf swing (video) online where you can access it anytime, 24/7. Just enter your private “locker” and review the stored golf swing video, complete with commentary by your pro and any applicable drills that you were assigned as homework.

  • Launch Monitor Driver Fitting

    • Isn’t it about time you benefited from state-of-the-art launch monitor technology that until now has been reserved only for the elite players of the world? With the right driver specifications you can optimize your launch conditions so you’ll maximize your driving distance, just like the Pros do.
  • TOMI Putting Lab

    • Another modern weapon in our teaching arsenal is the TOMI Putting Lab. It provides scientifically accurate feedback on nine key parameters of the putting stroke. The information gathered by TOMI not only allows your instructor to formulate a clear picture of your stroke, but can help us fit a putter to your stroke tendencies.