Private Lessons

Improve your golf game now with a private golf lesson at The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood. Private lessons are appropriate for anyone that wants to tackle a particular golfing problem in a one-on-one 45 minute session.

All of our fine staff of instructors are available for individual private lessons. Whether you need full swing or short game help, you'll be given common-sense tips that are easy to understand and apply.

Each lesson begins with an assessment of your current game. We start with an interview, designed to get as familiar as possible with your golf background and level of experience. We believe that the instructor and student need to work together as a team to establish the lesson curriculum.

Ideally, the student decides what area of the game they need to concentrate on and exactly what they want to achieve during the lesson. Then your instructor will spend time observing ball flight, divots and your body motion before making any suggestions for improvement.

We want our students to understand both their current swing and the required changes, along with the cause and effect relationship it has to ball flight. Then your instructor will carefully communicate and demonstrate how to make the needed swing change.

Golf is essentially a game of feel, but feel is learned from mechanics--not the other way around. For that reason we’ll encourage you to practice and train in an analytical (thinking) mode until the new motion and corresponding feel is grooved. We will often use a drill or training aid to help transition from old swing to new move.

So that your improvement continues seamlessly, notes on your lessons and videos of your swing are stored for one year. Should you return for another session, we can see how much progress you have made.

Whether you are trying to take your game to a new level or just trying to jump start a game headed in the wrong direction--we have the cure for your game. Why not book a golf lesson today so you can start playing better golf tomorrow?
  • On-Course Play Lessons
    • If you’re having a problem scoring as low as you think you’re capable of it’s probably time for an on-course play lesson. We’ll use our experience and knowledge to help you play your best. We’ll share tips on course strategy, recovery shots and tips from the Tour to cut out those unnecessary and costly mistakes that can quickly ruin your round. You’ll learn important stroke saving tips that usually take golfers years to discover.

      An on-course lesson is a wonderful learning session especially for golfers that play competitively or are preparing to play tournaments. On-course instruction is also a great way for your pro to evaluate your entire game and assess your strengths and weaknesses. And that knowledge can help your instructor create a more focused and effective lesson plan and give you a better practice routine.

      Our valuable on-course instruction session is tailored to your needs and experience. New golfers will learn everything needed to get around the course including rules, etiquette and shot selection. Intermediate and advanced golfers will concentrate on course strategy, recovery shots and scoring. Learn how to finally play to your potential and have more fun on the golf course.
  • Private Lesson Rates
      WITH KEITH LYFORD            
        Non-Member   TMC Member
      45 Minutes (Individual)
        $150   $120
      60 Minutes (2 Players)
        $200   $160

      . . .
        . . . 
        Non-Member   TMC Member
      30 Minutes (ages 5-11)
        $60   $48
      45 Minutes (ages 12-17)
        $90   $72

        Non-Member   TMC Member
      45 Minutes (Individual)   $100   $80
      60 Minutes (2 Players)   $135   $108

      . . .
        . . . 
        Non-Member   TMC Member
      30 Minutes (ages 5-11)   $40   $32
      45 Minutes (ages 12-17)   $60   $48

      Call for an appointment (530) 550-2670.

  • Staff Instructors
    • Rich Aprile

      Rich Aprile is a PGA member who has worked with the region's top instructors. This is Rich's third season teaching at The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood. In the winter months, Rich is an accomplished ski race coach who has trained both World Cup and Olympic level skiers. This unique experience enables Rich to identify and correct subtle mistakes in an athlete's motion and tailor solutions to their individual needs. With his help, you will see immediate improvement in your swing and on the scorecard. Rich looks forward to helping you enjoy this great game, to the fullest.
  • K-Vest 3D Lessons


      K-Vest 3D Lessons

      The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood adds more ground-breaking technology to our already impressive line-up of swing analysis tools. The K-Vest is revolutionizing how physical motion is measured, and optimum performance is achieved. K-Vest makes it possible to capture and measure body motion, identify swing faults, and then uses the same technology to precisely communicate the correct movements to you. K-VEST compares your swing motion to PGA and LPGA averages, producing a summary that highlights key areas for improving your swing including your ability to generate and transfer power.