Private Lessons

Improve your golf game now with a private golf lesson at The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood

Private lessons are appropriate for anyone that wants to tackle a particular golfing problem in a one-on-one, 45 minute session. Whether you need full swing or short game help, you'll be given common-sense tips that are easy to understand and apply.

Each lesson begins with an assessment of your golf background, level of experience and golfing goals. Your instructor will spend time observing ball flight, your swing motion and getting your feedback. During the lesson we will make sure that you understand your current swing and the required changes, along with the cause and effect relationship it has to ball flight. Then your instructor will carefully communicate and demonstrate how to make the needed swing change.

Whether you are trying to take your game to a new level or trying to jump start a game headed in the wrong direction, we have the cure for your game.

  • On-Course Play Lessons

    • If you’re having a problem scoring as low as you think you’re capable of, it’s probably time for an on-course play lesson. We’ll use our experience and knowledge to cut out those unnecessary and costly mistakes that can quickly ruin your round. You’ll learn important stroke saving tips that usually take golfers many years to discover.

      On-course instruction is also a great way for your pro to evaluate your entire game and assess your strengths and weaknesses. And that knowledge can help your instructor create a more focused and effective lesson plan and give you a better practice routine.

      New golfers will learn everything needed to get around the course including rules, etiquette and shot selection. Intermediate and advanced golfers will concentrate on course strategy, recovery shots and scoring. Learn how to finally play to your potential and have more fun on the golf course.

  • Private Lesson Rates

      WITH KEITH LYFORD            
        Non-Member   TMC Member
      45 Minutes (Individual)
        $150   $120
      60 Minutes (2 Players)
        $200   $160

      . . .
        . . . 
        Non-Member   TMC Member
      30 Minutes (ages 5-11)
        $60   $48
      45 Minutes (ages 12-17)
        $90   $72

        Non-Member   TMC Member
      45 Minutes (Individual)   $100   $80
      60 Minutes (2 Players)   $135   $108

      . . .
        . . . 
        Non-Member   TMC Member
      30 Minutes (ages 5-11)   $40   $32
      45 Minutes (ages 12-17)   $60   $48

      Call for an appointment (530) 550-2670.

  • Staff Instructors

    • Andre Gust - Lead Instructor

      Andre Gust has held his PGA Class “A” membership since 2012. Andre has been teaching on a full time basis the last 4 years. During that time he worked and studied directly under one of the nation’s Top 100 Instructors, Keith Lyford.

      Andre has help hundreds of golfers gain more consistency and confidence through his instruction programs. These programs include golf lessons, golf clinics, on-course management and supervised practice sessions.

      An accomplished player himself, Andre was a member of the Sonoma State men’s golf team and after college he continued to play competitively on mini tours. He still competes today in Northern California PGA Section Tournaments.

      Prior to re-joining The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood, Andre was the Director of Instruction at The Golf Club at Boulder Ridge where he created an Instruction program for the private club in San Jose.

      Golf is essentially a game of feel, but like any other sport or game, you learn feel through drills and mechanics. Andre believes in creating a simple swing motion that feels good and can produce a repetitive ball flight is a common goal for all golfers. He uses countless drills, exercises, and training aids to improve his students. He also utilizes high-speed cameras and the V1 swing analysis to give a visual of change in swing mechanics. Andre works with golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to scratch golfers, and can help any player develop his or her game.

  • K-Vest 3D Lessons

    • The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood adds more ground-breaking technology to our already impressive line-up of swing analysis tools. The K-Vest is revolutionizing how physical motion is measured, and optimum performance is achieved. K-Vest makes it possible to capture and measure body motion, identify swing faults, and then uses the same technology to precisely communicate the correct movements to you. K-VEST compares your swing motion to PGA and LPGA averages, producing a summary that highlights key areas for improving your swing including your ability to generate and transfer power.