Junior Golf Academy

The Golf Academy is California’s #1 rated junior golf academy, specializing in junior golf instruction for dedicated boys and girls. Our junior programs focus on teaching sound fundamentals in a safe and fun environment. Our mission is to produce skilled, motivated, confident, athletic golfers who thrive in the competitive arena. Our well-planned training program guarantees juniors will learn sound fundamentals in every aspect of the game. Our total game focus will produce immediate and lasting results, results you can see on the scorecard.
  • Junior Golf Clinics
    • Junior clinics are available every Sunday and Thursday from June 18 to August 16 (except for holidays and special events). Clinics are organized by age and are appropriate for all levels, whether just starting, an accomplished player, or somewhere in between.

      Juniors will rotate between golf swing lessons and a series of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) fitness stations, each specifically designed to teach kids motor skill development, core strength, rotational power, balance and stability. Our primary goal is to create good all around athletes that excel at golf.

      5 to 8 year olds
      45 minutes: $15.00 each

      9 to 13 year olds
      One hour: $20.00 each
  • 3-Day Junior Camps

      These 3-day commuter sessions are specifically designed for 14-17 year old golfers that are serious about taking their game to the next level. This camp is created to provide first-class coaching for dedicated boys and girls who aspire to play high school, college or professional golf. 

      Each player's game is evaluated to determine their strengths and weaknesses, then a complete improvement plan is customized to the needs of each individual camper. Our total game focus will produce immediate and lasting results, results you can see on the scorecard. Class size is limited to just 15 juniors per session and we always maintain a 5-to-1 student to instructor ratio.


      Besides learning a repeating and effective golf swing, our performance-based curriculum will focus on all the tools that contribute to winning golf. Sessions include tips on:
      Swing mechanics   Special shots
      Mental training   Course strategy
      Tournament preparation   Short game
      Pre-shot routine . . . . 
      Post shot routine
      How and what to practice   Club fitting
      Golf specific fitness   Sports nutrition
      Increased power   Charting yardages
      Tips from the Tour   Unlevel lies

      To make sure the practice-tee lessons translate to lower scores, a significant amount of class time is spent on-course. We also conduct daily competitions because they tests skills, build character, patience, courage and determination.


      In this day and age, proper fitness training has become essential if you hope to compete successfully against the top echelon players. At our junior camps, golfers will be trained and developed as athletes. We'll work on increasing balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, stability, speed and agility. As a result, you'll swing more freely and efficiently.

      Package Includes:

      • Use of the school's private teaching facilities
      • Instruction from 9:00-3:00 daily
      • Extensive video analysis on our 4-camera computerized system
      • The latest teaching techniques and technologies
      • Video analysis stored online for your review 24/7
      • Instruction Handbook    
      • Lunch each instruction day 

      Ages 14-17:   June 11-3 and July 18-20
      Cost: $695.00

      Ages 10-13: July 14-16 (1:00 - 5:00 pm each day)
      Cost: $375

      Please call the Academy for more information or to register your junior golfer. 530-550-2670 or email: golfacademy@tahoemountainclub.com.