Core Academy/TPI Golf Fitness

"Get Fit to Hit" at Old Greenwood's Golf Fitness School

The most important piece of equipment you bring to the golf course is your body. Are you looking to improve your power, core strength and flexibility? At The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood, we've got you covered.

Titleist Performance Institute, Level III, Certified Golf Fitness Professional, Scott McRae will be leading two, 6-week golf training schools throughout the summer. Each 6-week session starts with a comprehensive functional movement assessment and a video swing evaluation with Keith Lyford, Director of Instruction at The Academy.

Students will attend two, 60-minute classes per week focusing on adding power, improving consistency, and preventing injuries. With Scott's assistance, players will identify specific limitations in their swing, remove those limitations using a customized, corrective exercise program, and improve their scores on the course!


Session 1: June 2nd-July 9th
Session 2: July 21st-August 27th


Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00pm


$349 Public
$295 TMC Member

More More Information or to Reserve Your Spot

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  • Certified Golf Fitness Trainer
    • Scott McRae is an internationally certified fitness trainer who received his Bachelor's Degree in kinesiology from Arizona State University in 2011.

      He is an avid golfer (10 hdcp) and winter sports enthusiast. Scott specializes in functional movement, corrective exercise, and sport-specific training, including golf fitness and winter sports conditioning.

      Scott greatly enjoys working with junior athletes ranging in age from 6 - 20 years old. He has coached Olympic athletes as well as mature populations all the way up to age 86.

      No matter your skill or fitness level, Scott can help identify your limitations, consult with you on your goals, and organize an action plan to help you break through your plateaus. Scott holds the following accreditations.

      • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
      • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 3 CGFI
      • TRX Rip and Suspension Training
      • Lululemon R&D Ambassador

  • Golf Stretches
    • Exercise physiologists now say that you should perform some active stretches to prepare for an athletic activity, not static stretches. Traditional static stretching, where you hold each position at the end range of motion for 20 to 30 seconds, is not the appropriate activity to prepare your body for the dynamic and explosive movements you need to effectively strike a golf ball.

      The following “movement prep” exercises were designed specifically to warm-up and prepare your muscles and joints for golf. In addition to flexibility, these exercises will work on stability, balance and specific movement patterns that are required of your body to play your best golf, avoid injury and extend your golfing career.

      All these exercises should be performed 5 to 10 times slowly, smoothly, and through the full range of motion. When you get to the end range of your movement, slowly stop (for one or two seconds) and then continue the movement in the opposite direction (to balance both sides of your body equally).

      As you become more comfortable with the exercises and can maintain perfect form, increase the speed at which you perform these movements. Never force a position or motion that would cause pain or injury. You should be able to perform this entire exercise program in less than 10 minutes.