Club Fitting

The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood is one of only three Certified Advanced Titleist Fitting Works facilities in Northern California.

Improve your golf game with a custom club fitting session. Let us evaluate your current equipment and then give you our sizing recommendations. When your clubs fit your physique and swing you’ll play your best. Most people don’t realize that playing with incorrectly fit equipment leads to inconsistency and poor ball flight and creates automatic and unwanted swing compensations.

For that reason, club fitting is an integral part of our performance formula, and a professional club fit is a must before you invest in a new set of clubs. Besides playing the right size equipment, we will offer suggestions on your set make-up.

  • Iron Fitting

    • During the iron fitting process, we’ll make sure the following club fitting specifications meet your needs:

      Shaft Length

      The proper iron length will allow for ideal posture at address and will result in the most consistent on-center impact.


      Lie Angle

      Having clubs with the proper lie angle is important for producing solid contact, maximizing power and improving directional control.


      Shaft Flex

      Proper shaft flex allows the player to load the shaft properly and maximize energy transfer to the ball. Quicker tempo swings generally require heavier shafts and firmer flexes, while smoother tempos may benefit from lighter weight shafts with softer flexes.


      Shaft Type

      The ideal shaft type produces the player's preferred trajectory, feel and performance.


      Iron Set Composition

      The selected irons should provide specific yardage gaps and ball stopping ability throughout the set.


      Grip Size

      Proper grip size will produce less tension in hands and forearms, and facilitate proper release. Proper size is measured with the left hand and will have the fingertips slightly touching the palm.

  • Driver Fitting

    • Isn’t it about time you benefited from the latest launch monitor technology that until now has been reserved only for the elite players of the world? With the right driver specifications you can optimize your launch conditions so you’ll maximize your driving distance just like the Tour Pros.


      High launch. Low spin. Ball velocity. These are the ingredients that maximize driving distance and performance.


      Each driver model has specific ball flight attributes as well as aesthetic differences.



      The ideal driver length will be determined by the player's ability to consistently hit the center of clubface.



      Backspin that is too high results in shorter carry and roll distances. Backspin that is too low reduces carry distance and can cause instability in flight.



      Increasing your Smash Factor (ball speed divided by the club head speed) is the key to power—maximum Smash Factor is 1.5.



      The club’s (static) loft is the major factor influencing the golfer’s chance of launching the ball correctly between 10 and 14 degrees.


  • Wedge Fitting

    • The goal of a wedge fitting is to provide the best combination of wedges to optimize short game performance and yardage gaps necessary for lowering scores. There are two primary swing styles that will determine which wedge variables are best for the player's short game technique.



      This player has a shallow angle of attack and slides the leading edge of the club under the ball. They will play their best with a wedge that has a narrow sole, less bounce and more camber.



      This player type uses less hand action, a stronger grip, and steeper angle of attack. This player may position the ball back in their stance and trap the ball at impact. This player will play their best with a wedge that has wider sole and more bounce.


      Besides bounce, the player will be fit for the proper sand wedge loft (54° or 56°) that will be their preferred clubs from the sand and for recovery shots around the green. By hitting shots from sand, rough, and fairway conditions the golfer will select the wedges that provides the best all-around performance.


      The player’s full-swing pitching and sand wedge distances will be measured to calculate the yardage gap. If needed a Gap Wedge will be suggested to fill that gap between their pitching and sand wedge. A Lob Wedge (58° or 60°) may also be suggested.



  • Long Game Fitting

    • The benefit of a long game fitting is to provide the correct combination of fairway woods, utility clubs (hybrids) and long irons that produce playable trajectories and preferred yardage gaps.


      The fitter will look for areas of opportunity to improve the long game and any yardages that cause the golfer difficulty. The fitter will note carry distances, paying special attention to any clubs that produce small or large distance gaps.


      The fitter will calculate the yardage gap between the longest iron and the least lofted fairway wood. Then we will fill this yardage gap by adding one or more specifically lofted fairway wood and/or hybrids.