Three-Hour Clinics

These three-hour sessions offer individualized instruction in a small group setting (four-to-one student to instructor ratio) and focus on a particular part of the game or are geared for a specific golf ability level. Recruit three of your friends and form your own group or join one of ours. RATES: Low Season: May/June/October: $175 High Season: July/August/September: $250 per person.

New Golfer

This is a comprehensive introduction for new golfers who want to get started right. You will learn the basics of grip, posture, stance, aim and pivot and then progress to your specific individual needs. You’ll be surprised how quickly you develop lasting skills. This program teaches new golfers in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

Full Swing Tune-Up

Computerized video analysis, training aids and drills are utilized to correct your full swing problems or help you reach a new level. We’ll leave your basic swing intact while working to correct the one or two weak areas that cause your miss-hits and inconsistency. We don’t try to change your swing, just improve it. You’ll leave this session as the master of your swing and ball flight.

Scoring Zone

No matter what your level of play, discover the simple basics of chipping, pitching and sand play. We will give you tips on how to control distance, trajectory, speed and spin so you can create shots for any situation. The result will be greater consistency, confidence and “feel” on all shots from around the green.

Half Day School 

This unique learning program improves your full swing motion by first imparting the core fundementals common to all golf strokes. We get you started with mastery of the short chip shot and then gradually increasing the length of the swing, to the pitch shot next and then, finally, to the full swing - making learning simple and easy.

Call for a schedule of Clinic offerings. Space is limited. Sign up early to reserve the session and date of your choice. (530) 550-2670.