Tahoe Mountain Golf Academy

The Academy’s golf instruction options include golf schools, golf clinics, private golf lessons, golf school vacation packages and a junior golf academy with 3-day summer camps.

Tahoe Mountain Golf AcademyWhatever your level of play, you’ll find a golf instruction session that’s just right for you.

All of our lessons are conducted at the Golf Academy’s private golf learning center. Our golf practice facility was designed specifically for golf instruction. From short game development to driving full-out, everything you need to improve has been incorporated into our one-of-a-kind private golf learning center.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll know you’re in for something special. Whether you’re here for a private 45 minute golf lesson, or a one, two or three day golf school package, you’ll reach your golf goals in this relaxed, scenic mountain atmosphere.

For more information, call the Golf Academy at (530)550-2670.